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Your Complete Cultural Experience! Brazilians are well known for their love for life, music and food. As a multicultural nation, we embrace people from all over the world, Our goal is for you to have a complete experience of our rich language, our culinary and our culture in a friendly and relaxing atmosphere. Whether you come for Portuguese classes, cooking lessons or to try our delicious food, you will get to know the unique aspects of the Brazilian culture. We are dedicated to providing you with the best service and experience.


Brazilian Cooking classes

Bem Brasil cooking classes

Our goal is to create delicious everyday food from all the different regions of Brazil and from around the world. We tailor the recipes to fit our busy lives without sacrificing great flavor. As you learn how to cook some of the most popular Brazilian dishes, you will get to know interesting facts about this great country and its heritage in an enjoyable and meaningful way. You will also learn some Portuguese and make new friends!

Portuguese Classes

Bem Brasil Portugues classes

We make the learning process easier, faster, and pleasant by the process of association and visualization.

We offer:

  • Flexible schedule to meet your busy lifestyle.

  • Customized classes for students of all levels.

  • Portuguese 1.0: for those who are visiting Brazil and want to learn basic conversation skills and colloquial phrases.

  • Portuguese 2.0: for those who desire to read, write and speak fluently. We focus on grammar, constructing sentences and writing.

  • Private one-on-one lessons.
  • Group lessons.

Bem Brasil Portugues classes

Brazilian catering

Bem Brasil cooking classes

Brazilian food is one of the richest and most diverse cuisines in the world. Each region has its own culinary history and dishes. Our menu offers a variety of Brazilian food like feijoada, comida baiana and the famous finger foods, like coxinha, empada, bolinho de bacalhau, risoles, desserts, salads and more.


It is our goal to offer quality service with affordable prices. We offer hourly classes or customized packages.

Individual Lesson
€ 30,00
per hour

Group Lesson
€ 25,00
per hour

10-week Package
€ 200,00
per package

Cooking Lesson
€ 40,00
per lesson (material included)

(prices upon request)

* 21% VAT tax not included on prices.


BEM Brasil

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